The Bilingualism SIG is born out of the common interest among professionals who share interest in Bilingualism, Bilingual Education and related areas.

The Bilingualism SIG aims at  fostering research, studies and discussions in the area of Bilingualism, which encompasses language acquisition, teaching/learning in bilingual contexts, methodology, curriculum design and contents, identity of bilingual individuals, learning difficulties in bilingual education, biliteracy, multiculturalism  and other relevant topics in this field.

The Bilingualism SIG attempts to encourage professional development and the exchange of ideas about Bilingualism in Brazil so that Brazilian teachers and researchers may contribute and produce  knowledge which may empower us  as practitioners and theorists.

Central Commitee:

  • Selma Moura (coordinator)
  • Marcello Marcelino
  • Marcelo Rangel
  • Fernanda Liberali
  • Ana Cláudia Peters
  • Helena Miascovsky
  • Norma Wolffowitz-Sanchez
  • Elizabete Flory
  • Antonieta Megale
  • Mariana Fernandes
  • Viviane Klen
  • Janira Trinidad

How to take part in Bilingualism SIG:

– Subscribe to this blog and follow what’s going on.

– Comment on posts with questions, suggestions, requests, etc.

– Take part in the events held by Bilingualism SIG

– Associate to Bilingualism SIG. Send an e-mail to selma.a.moura@gmail.com for more information

Come and take part in the Bilingualism SIG!


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